Facility Rental

  • Reservation Deposit: $25 (will apply to final balance). Please email us at artinspiredme@gmail.com to go over the details of your rental.
  • Room Rental Fee (Business or Personal): $50 base fee, plus $15 per hour for every hour or portion thereof beyond two (2) hours.
    Home-Based Business: $20/hr no minimum.
  • Extraordinary Clean-Up Fee: $50, or the actual cost if greater. Extraordinary clean-up is any clean-up that requires additional staff or specialized contractors or resources above and beyond that which is typical as a follow-up to a scheduled event.
  • Payment of Fees: Full payment of the required fees for the entire time slot reserved must be paid no later than fourteen (14) days in advance of the event date. No refunds will be made for cancellations unless written notice (letter or email) is given at least seven (7) days prior to the reserved date. No refunds will be made for fees associated with any unused portion of the reserved time.
  • Renter will be charged $50 additional if the space is not vacated by the time allotted.

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