Ballroom Dance

Most Comprehensive Ballroom Program on the Peninsula.png

We love to help people learn about the Art of Ballroom and Latin Dancing! It is one of our passions in life because it challenges the mind to connect with the body, enhances one’s social life by meeting fun and vibrant people, works the physical body with balance and strength, gives music a different dimension and so much more!

There are many ways to get started… simply check out our BALLROOM DANCE CALENDAR & EVENTS page to find out more!

Interested in PRIVATE LESSONS or choreography for your WEDDING DANCE? We have you covered. Thanks for viewing our page and we hope to see you on the dance floor!

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3 thoughts on “Ballroom Dance

  1. Looks good, Marilen! Glad to have your studio in the area! Most of the others have closed! Good luck and maybe I can come to a dance sometime!🎢🎡😊


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