We are proud to share our skills and expertise in helping you gain strength, balance, health and a physique you can be proud of! Let us know what is challenging you and we can help encourage you to achieve your goals.

  • Marilen Crump (Owner & Instructor) 
    Instructor for Wellness Classes: 90 Day Transformation Program / Cardio Dance Fitness / Body Toning Mashup / BollyBarre / Pilates & Yoga / PoundFit / Strength Fusion
    Personal Statement: “I have been involved in wellness since I was a teen playing sports. I always loved physical fitness – in college I was a Varsity Athlete, Student Athlete Mentor, and Self-Designed my major taking Dance and Anatomy classes to formed an education that balanced the arts and empowered the body. I became an Instructor and Choreographer in 2000 teaching so many formats including Dance, Ballroom, Latin, Yoga, Pilates, Dance Fitness, Bollywood, Barre, Jazz, Strength Training, Alexander Technique, PoundFit, RIPPED, Piloxing, Zumba, Bokwa and other movements in between.  I love exploring the capabilities that the body can perform and then using that understanding to help my students change their physique. I enjoy sharing information with my clients so that they can gain a better understanding of the benefits exercise and nutrition.”
    Other Details: Marilen is a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Professional Photographer, Empowerment Coach and more. Learn more at


  • Christi Siler (Instructor) 
    Instructor for Wellness Classes: ZUMBA


  • Colleen Hall (Instructor) 
    Instructor for Wellness Classes: PILOXING


  • Michelle Knopf (Instructor) 
    Instructor for Wellness Classes: MOVEMENT FOR WELLNESS


  • Coralita Straughn (Instructor) 
    Instructor for Wellness Classes: LINE DANCING


  • Kristen Noel (Wellness Studio Manager) 
    Duties: Client Relations & Studio Administrator



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