The ZEN of Art … a special ArtInspired PAINT NIGHT

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Painting can be intimidating especially if you are not doing step-by-step class and your creativity has to be unleashed from the soul. That was the point of our most recent PAINT NIGHT involving ZENTANGLES. Most of our PAINT NIGHT classes are based on easy to follow guided work. This time we encouraged participants to meditate on the strokes they wanted to express. We combined the practice with mediation music and aromatherapy to give everyone a very ZEN environment.

Why is this form of art powerful? Check out the wonderful page regarding using ZENTANGLE in health care:

“Research has found that meditation may relieve depression and significantly improved psychological distress and well-being.”

“This is one of my favorite classes to teach,” Instructor Marilen Crump. “I love helping others find ways to release stress in creative ways. ArtInspired’s mission is definitely based on practices like this as creativity pours easily into the well of an inviting soul.”

There are two more paintings on the line up this month and one class already announced in May taught by Sierra Hauser. Kat Gulledge will also be included in May’s line up with her PAINT NIGHT classes. Check out the calendar to register: CLICK HERE

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